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A Day of Remembrance

Cypress Bayou Reservoir Benton, LA

I spent the morning of Memorial Day paddling and enjoying the Beautiful sky and scenery that our Lord has provided us, also the freedom and the land that the Fallen have giving their lives for, so that we can know a life of democracy, capitalism, and a host of freedoms in America.

Four days from now I will make my move to the Headwaters and begin my decent. My bestfriend said the drive up there alone is massive. About 20 hours to get there but the true reality is it will take 90 days to get back and cover twice the mileage. Gives perspective to how we travel today and how the settlers traveled before us.

I have spent many hours planning and anticipating and planning some more for this trip. Preparation in food, how to get resupplied, proper clothing and shelter. You name I have researched. Followed dozens of others. Read everything I could find. I have tucked that all away as reference. I plan to step off into the water and let my own adventure unfold as it may. Each stroke of the paddle its own. Each mile will live as itself. Each day to become its own. My story to draw its own breath.

I have no agenda. No place to be. No certain time to be there. I will not count my blisters, I will rejoice in every sore muscle. I hope to smile with every drop of stinging sweat that enters my eyes and feel blessed when showered with rainfall. I will pray for wind at my back and press on when beating down with a headwind.

This has been a pipedream for so many years. It's really come together at a time that could not be sweeter. For several years I have said this is going to be the year. Life got in the way. This time, well it's the right time. This time its happening and for all the right reasons as well.

Semper Fi

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