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Bigger than me

The Mississippi already has power and lore that I may never be able to live up to. It also has grace and beauty of its own that would make any grown man blush. It is a force to be reckoned with and with time it will always prevail. All of these traits are shared with our Lord. I believe in serving the Lord.

This idea originated selfishly to fit needs in my life. I viewed it as a spiritual opportunity to be with myself alone. A journey of self discovery. What better way to reconnect with ones self than spending 90 days in a kayak with you in your head and conversation with Jesus as he throws rain and wind at you with blistering heat but rewards you with beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

A few weeks ago while sitting in church the message inspired me or rather spoke to me about overlooking making this more than just about me. The series being Against The Odds, it struck me that what I’m doing could inspire others. Not to just get in a kayak and do something crazy but more about where would this lead if I just let go and turn this all over to God for his purpose.

I am now currently and actively looking to raise funds for our Missions group for drilling fresh water wells in Honduras.

Wishing me luck is smiled upon. Getting behind me on this idea and taken action will generate purpose and cause. Let’s make this more than just a story of a man overcoming himself against his own odds and make this one about ones willingness and instant obedience to God reward those in need.

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