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Day 10 June 13th

Day 10

Joe and I walked over to local coffee shop to get a hot coffee and to use the facilities. The Grand Rapids Library has an approved camp spot for through paddlers. Complete with fire ring and picnic tables. Only downside is that there are no access to restrooms when the library closes.

We had a few kids hanging out around our gear after we got into the tents but eventually they went on to other things.

We set out about 8:30am from Grand Rapids with Sleeping Bear campsite in mind. Once we were there we felt the spot was a little tight for three tents. The Mosquitos were angry and thick. There was no firewood available like we have had at other sites and would be able to get one going quick enough to smoke out the mosquitoes. The decision was the made to press on another five miles to County Line Boat Landing. So our day ended with finishing 35 miles and tomorrow we will have 200 behind us completed.

You can can see more pictures of my journey on my facebook page (Shawn Puffer).

Also so you can track my GPS progress on fb @2018MiSSjourney

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