• spuffer

Day 13

Woke up to the sound of a turkey calling. He was fairly close by. Even after I got up and moving he continued on until I left.

Seen all kinds of dear this morning in or near the river. Bald eagles were plentiful as well.

Paddled 10 miles to Palisades and made it to the park pavilion and it started raining. The park and campground here has showers so I took advantage of that. Shaved and clean clothes made me feel pretty good. Matt and I set up tents in the pavilion then when the rain slowed we walked up to the Palisades Cafe.

While there Shelly Kastler introduced herself to us. I had reached out to her for help in getting my meds to me. That whole deal fell apart though. I was glad that I got to meet her though. Very nice person.

With our bellies full we walked back to the pavilion and took a nap. We

We have a large band weather coming yet this evening so we’re staying put for today. Hopefully we can make some ground in the morning but Monday game is back on!

Had a prime rib dinner and a beer on the house at Rustic Trail in Palisades. The people really are great here.

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