• spuffer

Day 14 - Zero Day

First Zero day. No miles paddled. Walked up to the gas station this morning and shopped for a few things.

Watched my church service online. I was featured as a story in part of the message this morning. It was uplifting and added some fuel to my fire. I sat on a sidewalk in light rain watching so that I could stay connected to the town WiFi.

Got back to we’re I was camping and the weather got angry. Hail then crazy high winds. Branches coming down all around. Tents were get blown all over. People in town said we had a tornado. I’m not sure about that but it got very ugly for sure. All is well and everything is secure.

River has risen at least 4 inches since yesterday, tomorrow should be good and fast. All rested up and feeling better I’m ready for it.

With that storm past I settled in for another nap. Woke up to the sound of heavy rain and just went back to sleep. After I got up 2.5 hours later I checked on the boat. Had to pull it up further. Water has really come up in the last 12 hours.

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