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Day 16

Day 16

Work was good today! Early rising gave way to a beautiful start. Water was smooth and the sounds of nature waking up around us. The deer were plentiful stood in wonder as we floated by.

14 miles downstream the Aitkin Diversion Channel came back in giving us the current back that we were in enjoying the day before. It was perfect much of the day. High water, hearty current and the wind to our backs. Paddlers bliss.

Stopped along the way and seen some beautiful places. Places that made you hope that someone had an awesome childhood growing up on.

Matt and I put 38 miles behind us today. The miles are getting easier the time to get there is getting shorter. The exhaustion on arrival is diminishing. The feeling of accomplishment and spirit is growing. The feeling of success is a salt dried sweaty face that holds a new sun drenched shade of summer brandishing a “I done it smile”.

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