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Day 17 - Wednesday June 20th 2018

Went to sleep under a rainbow to the sounds of croaking frogs, a distant woodpecker and a beaver feverishly at work slapping his tail on the water. He didn’t get the best of me this time. I fell into a deep sleep without fail.

Fort Ripley is some distance off but last night Matt and distinctly heard the rhythm of a 50 cal sputtering a couple of rounds a few times and then the song of its people for at least a dozen rounds. We both looked at each other with that knowing look and smile of what we had just heard.

After 30 minutes of paddling we rounded a bend and there on a bluff was a magnificent home. While admiring the house two bear leisurely stroll around the perimeter of the house. In shock of what I was witnessing I didn’t even think about the camera.

Made our way into Brainerd, MN and portaged the Potlach Dam and bac into the water by 11am. Went a few more miles to Kiwanis Park where we tied up and locked the boats the best we could.

Walked into town to the local Post Office to hopefully get a package from home containing my meds. Thankfully it was there and I was able to get my Humira injection. I really needed that!!

We celebrated with lunch at Senor Patron’s. Couple of beers and a burrito hit the spot.

Brainerd just didn’t give off a good vibe so we headed back to the boats and pushed on.

We found a spot on the north edge of Fort Ripley in Crow Wing State Park that will work for the night.

27 miles today with a portage and a two hour excursion through Brainerd. Not a bad day really. Looking over the maps we are 130 river miles. Realistically a four day paddle.

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