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Day 19- June 22, 2018

Day 19 - Friday June 22nd 2018 What an interesting day. We left the campground just before 8am. The foam on the water was still floating heavy on the water from the dam 3 miles upstream.

We paddled into the take out at the Sartel Dam. That’s when the craziness began. Our planned ride with Ken who we had met a couple of days earlier in Crow Wing State Park fell through. That was a bummer. We knew this with at least 2 miles to paddle yet to the dam. Our plan B was just to portage it. After we landed and scouted it we both agreed that the water just was above our pay grade and skill. Risking life over stupidity just equals dumb. We started the search to find someone to get us around both of the next two dams.

So we find this guy who is a river guide and rent kayaks. Perfect right? Well that’s up for debate. He shows up and wants $20 a person, good with that! The trailer he is using barely fits my yak on the top rack which clears the truck roof. Has to go up that high because my boat is almost 16ft and the trailer is maybe eight foot, okay maybe ten but that is stretching it. We load Matt’s on top of the truck.

We head for the other dam. Our guide isn’t sure where the put in is at. We get out and ask this random guy if he knows where the boat launch is. Terry, this knew gentleman that we meet, starts to get our driver/guide oriented. By then I have found it in Google Maps across the river. So Terry loads up his dog and follows us. Then passes us and then leads our guide to the ramp.

Terry is Minnesota Nice. A Marine himself. Interesting fellow.

Back in the water I halfway convince Matt that there is a McDonalds on the map nearby. A truck stop as well. He doesn’t believe me but plays along.

We pull up to a high bank and get to climbing. Soon we are at the McDonald’s scarfing a terrible but delicious lunch.

We make our way down to Clearwater and visit an outfitter there. Matt grabs a few things and I decided that there was plenty of stuff I’d like to have I really don’t need anything.

We paddle on for another eight miles and find a camp up on a bluff of an island. We called that home for the night.

We went 48 miles and had a crazy long day.

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