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Day 20- June 23, 2018

Day 20 - June 23rd 2018 Got started today about 6:30am. Our goal today is 40 miles. That puts us at the portage of Coon Rapids Dam.

Morning went as usual. Rested and ready to go. No wind. Current is good and strong. By 10am we had paddled 26 miles.

The wildlife once again was on point. I snuck up on a raccoon and when he realized I was there he just stood up on his hind legs and looked at me as if to say “whatcha looking at?”

Then later a doe jumped up and started moving out with three fawn. Never seen that before. She should have her on show.

When we got to Anoka that’s when the water changed into something we haven’t experienced as of yet. Non-courteous boaters that don’t look well for obstacles in the water like paddlers. Had a guy charging right for me. I’d change course and he would make change for collision. Finally I began waiving my paddle as high as I could. He finally seen me and shut it down to idle then cruised passed us.

Many more of those but not as close. Glad we made it to the dam. Guess we didn’t time that approach right being Saturday. Boats, beers, and under-experienced boaters equals bad news for paddlers. I think the tugs will be less to deal than these guys.

We found another island to camp on tonight. This one is pretty nice!

Rooms are booked for a almost zero day. We paddle in the morning to Boom Island where we have a ride set up with a truly awesome supporter of this trip. I’m holding on to publishing her name until I have permission to do so.

Really looking forward to this break! Get recharged and then get back to this magical river.

The build up to this trip with all the life issues that got in the way and the idea of just taking a turn in life so dramatically was both scary and thrilling at the same time. Now that I’m three weeks into this I know I made the right decision. This is everything I dreamed it would be and so much more.

It’s an education all in itself. It is such a beautiful thing that I did for myself. Everyone asked before I left if I was going to find myself or was there something I was looking for. Some just say I hope that you find happiness.

It turns out I was never lost. Just on another path for that period of my life. For finding what I need, I have found that I really don’t need much of anything in the physical world as for as tangible items. For those physical things that I would like to have. They will show up when the time is right. If I’m supposed to have it to enjoy I will earn it. As far as happiness we’ll that just boils down to choice. You will never find happiness. You have to make it. The recipe is rather simple but unfortunately I can’t share it unless you setup a PayPal account and sit through a boring hour long seminar where I just put out a teaser for you to buy my book. Then you can pay a annual membership to join my pyramid scheme to get others to join the club to build an empire where you get discounts on everything from toilet paper to cars.

Then I collect that money for those tangible things I talked about earlier.

Life really is simple. We make it hard. We work plenty hard to make it hard.

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