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Day 22, June 25, 2018

Day 22 - June 25th 2018 Woke up in a bed! To be honest it was hard to fall asleep. It felt great at first but falling asleep became a restless situation. Regardless once I did fall asleep I slept well.

When I woke this morning I got some of my stuff together. Made a pile of things I haven’t touched since the beginning of this trip and packed everything else. I threw some stuff out that wasn’t worth mailing home. The rest I took to the Post Office. I looked them up and they are three blocks away and open. I walked over there to find a closed location sign. Arrrrrgh!!!! (My thoughts minus the un Christian like cursing I muttered under my breath). Back to google to find another location six blocks away. I walked there luckily to find an open location and packed my box. Away it went.

Stopped again at Target on my way back to the room to pick up some Neosporin for some spot I cleaned out and need to get healed up. Just some scratches and some sunburned spots on my ankles.

This Double Tree does not have a hotel van to shuttle us back to the park where our boats are. Guess were getting an Uber.

Uber ride turned out great! Boats were still at the landing and secure. We loaded up and shoved off. We arrived at Lock and Dam #1 in about an hour. It was a cool experience and sure beats portaging.

We paddled against a nasty head wind and found our first marina. We ducked in and had some lunch.

We pushed on against the wind and finally met our first barge. Then another a while later. The river is very industrious now. The smells of a steel foundry’s and other industrial smells. The banks are lined with barges moored. Some empty standing high in the water some 15-20 feet to the top. The loaded ones ran displacing about 10ft of water.

We rolled into Twin Cities Marina at 6 and had a burger in the Mississippi Pub located in the Marina. It was a fantastic burger! Fresh fried chips.

We moved downstream about 200 yards into Swing Bridge Park. Great reuse of an old rail bridge. It’s very nice. Waiting for the sun to go down a little further and we plan to do a little stealth camp here.

For days we talked about getting to Minneapolis and we made it. The time came and it went and today we were glad to have moved away from the big city. Irony’s of what we think we want.

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