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Day 23-June 26, 2018

Day 23 - June 26th 2018 We were woking up at 1:30am by local and county police. We explained what we are doing paddling the entire Mississippi River and that all the islands are currently flooded. We produced ID for Deputy Ranger Penny and talked about our trip thus far with the city police while Deputy Penny ran us. He returns and hands us our ID’s and said we were good like either doubted otherwise. What the young Penny said next I don’t think any of us including the local cop was ready for. Then it all went bad for us. We were told to pack up and to leave the park buy the Sheriffs deputy.

We pleaded a bit stating how dangerous that would be for us to be leaving at this hour in high water. We asked for a card from the one responsible for making us go. He gave his name and badge number. We felt we needed something from someone if our safety was going to be compromised.

We started grabbing up gear and then to add insult to injury the sky lights up and the crackling sound of God spoke. This just adds a whole new layer to the complexity of the situation.

The police asked again where our boats were and we told them. They went and confirmed. I think this was a diversion tactic so that they could have a discussion amongst themselves.

Then the local cop came back and cut a deal with us. That we were to be gone at daybreak. That had been our plan the entire time. Deal!!

The sky’s opened up and it came pouring down. My humbled praise is giving to the Lord.

Counting on “Minnesota nice” is becoming tarnished. Not to discount at all the great people we have met in Minnesota. My deepest gratitude to you dozen or so that helped us out or just wanted to share stories. We loved all of you!

Getting through the Twin Cities has not been a completely pleasurable experience though. The whole Pride Run and Parade I didn’t have a problem with. My breakdown was with the feelings of entitlement to obstruct my rights. I had difficulty getting my room when it was promised to me because a good majority felt that the check out time did not apply to them. To be told and the front desk that they were trying their best but corporate told them to be explicitly tolerant and do not do anything to provoke a problem. That’s where we are in this country. The few control the majority? That’s where my tolerance finds that hard place to operate in.

Sorry I got a little off track but I think we all know the struggle is real.

So, back to the park pavilion that we were almost evicted from by Dakota Counties finest, the rain came to a slow. Then to top all that off the sprinkler heads, that we did not notice earlier, popped up and with out fail continued the onslaught. One popped up under Matt’s tent floor and proceeded to infiltrate from underneath.

You can’t make this up y’all.

So the good news! I was featured on a piece by Doug Warner that aired last night on KSLA 12 Shreveport. It was done very nicely. I enjoyed it very much. I hope that the buzz continues and I get some traction on the fundraising.

We now sit in Hastings, MN just below Lock and Dam #2. While eating some lunch and ducking out on some weather we just realized that we are just a few miles away from Wisconsin. That will add a fun new twist as to what state we decided to spend our money in and rest our head. Minnesota is not scoring high right now on that list.

Getting back on the water we made our way down to an Island on the Wisconsin side just south of Prescott. We made it to Wisconsin! We still have a view of Minnesota but my feet are on the sovereign territory of Wisconsin.

We decided to break early for they day. I’m just plain tired and storms are building up. The forecast is calling for possible funnel clouds but not likely to touch the ground.

Got the tents up to allow them to dry while we pound out our blogs then its early to bed for me.

I haven’t ran the numbers yet but I’m thinking probably just shy of twenty total, but more than fifteen because Deputy Penny made sure we knew where his county line ended.

Check out Doug Warner's story here: https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ksla.com%2Fstory%2F38507041%2Fthe-good-stuff-slowin-down-the-mississippi&h=AT0juAfOZwKyDDs51K3VQVaExNPd5s2Eed_N2xvzJ-O5sRlyvgba1C2Fr7REoZRwv2-cZOb81MQc9O8JE1-d4aXs4G4ggCXcaBf1HnzIlXV77MTCVjncL0NKstvpPqOgJUSHAXRdJqHaQEc99Nh5SQVRnWdHPLvSiZs

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