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Day 24-June 27, 2018

Day 24 - June 27th 2018 Pushing off this morning the day felt favorable. A low fog held on to the water. The air was thick with humidity but the temp was low. We paddled our and the current was good.

10:30am Lock #3 came into view. Once I had line of site I called the Lockmaster up on the radio.

Me: “Pleasure craft to Lockmaster”.

Lockmaster: “Go ahead pleasure craft”

Me: “Two southbound unpowered pleasure craft, kayak & canoe, requesting lock through”

Lockmaster: “Proceed we will get it ready for you”

As we approached the doors opened and the green light was giving

We paddled in and the door immediately closed behind us. We were led to the other end and a rope was lowered to us to hold onto for the drop. The drop was small due to the high water, just shy of two feet.

The guy tending to us was great. A former Marine himself. We talked about the service for a bit.

Doors opened and horn blew signaling for us to proceed.

Once cleared I called up the Lockmaster on the radio and thanked them for getting us through quickly. They wished us safe travels.

Soon we were in Red Wing. We walked into town looking for some supplies but fell short.

I did get a lotto ticket though. Fulfilling a promise to play every state I travel through.

We arrived at Lake Peppin. I’ve heard a lot about this lake and how difficult it can be. Joe was just passing through here a few days ago and it was hard on him.

We lucked out with fairly flat water and an ever so light headwind.

We pulled into a boat ramp in Frontenac Park to stretch a bit and start our search for camp. We met Paul and Leah and had a cool discussion with them while we ate some rice crispy treats they had made. Very good I might add.

They run a Christian based youth group that long term mentors kids that have trouble in their lives through their teen years. Check them out here http://www.timberbay.org/

We pressed on to a point that looked like it may have potential for a camp. It could have worked but we decided to move along. Next stop was Hansen’s Harbor. This guy was of no help at all. Really came off as Minnesota jerk actually. His reviews speak for themselves. Wish I had looked that up beforehand and not wasted time there. http://www.hansensharbor.com/

Off we go frustrated and just wanting a place to stay that would not lead to spot lights and deputies with chips on their shoulders.

I had Carrie call ahead for us and grease the skids to land us a place to rest. Two frustrated vets trying to catch a break cannot come off pleasantly no matter how hard we could try.

Perfect decision on my part. I must be getting to the wisdom part of life!

She scored us a spot at the Hok-Si-La campground. We got cold drinks and hot showers. Back on top of the world!

For more details of my journey follow me at facebook.com/slpuffer.

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