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Day 25- June 28, 2018

Day 25 - June 28th 2018 One would think that after 24 days of paddling you might wake up and your arms not be sore. Shoulders, Chest and back all sore this morning. Coming through this lake and not having the current I guess I earned every inch of it yesterday.

As a matter of fact I’ve earned all 565 miles paddled so far. That leaves approximately 1735 to go. I’m just looking forward to getting out of Minnesota now. It could happen tomorrow but most definitely by Friday.

We set off about 8:30 I believe it was. Orientated the map and picked a visual feature to shoot for. It would take us 5 hours to reach that point. Lake Peppin is 22 miles long and from the bend in the Lake you can see both ends.

We finally got back in a channel and reached Wabasha. Had lunch at Slippery’s where it is loosely held that this is where Grumpy Old Men was filmed.

On down the river we locked through Lock and Dam 4. Quick stop in Alma to fill up water jugs and drink a cold coke while we sat on the pier swapping fishing stories.

Couple more miles down river we stopped to climb a sand dredge pile and set up camp.

27 total miles in for the day. Kinda hard to see the numbers slump after teasing the 40 mile mark for several days in a row. I have to remind myself what I’m here for. The numbers are cool and get me feeling spirited to challenge myself but that’s only one thing that will make me feel good briefly. After this trip is done I probably won’t look back and say that one day I broke “x” number of miles was the best day.

Not many pictures to cover this day.

You can see photos of my journey at facebook.com/slpuffer.

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