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Day 27- June 30, 2018

Day 27 - June 30th 2018

Broke camp quickly and got on the water. I grabbed stuff to make a breakfast drink and while under way I planned to fix that up.

Two packets of this and two packets of that some protein powder and then one side of my paddle touches the water and slices in Causing the other end to move the opposite direction. This action catches my bottle and knocks it over and I loose a third of my drink. Good times! I really needed those calories!

I guess I should have slowed down and prepared that while on shore.

Heat index for the day is 104 degrees. It is rather warm and muggy. The wind was high and constantly changing direction. Very seldom to our back though.

We Locked through twice today. Once in Trempealeau and again in La Crosse.

After we reached La Crosse the boating traffic went haywire. Holiday weekend for the 4th the people were out in force. Coming through town was nightmarish.

We found a campground down river and gave them a call. Priced seemed reasonable until we figured out that the price was for each. $45 for both of us with no electricity and no water. It was a resounding no from us both.

Needless to say we both gave up trying to even get there. We just decided to pick the first spot we could find. We landed, grumpy tired and hot. Gathered things up and set up camp. I chose my hammock. This would be a bad decision.

After taking a river bath a storm was building on the horizon. The boaters now were all in a hurry to get off the water. As far as we could see dozens of boats all speeding up river to get to the marinas or boat ramps.

Suddenly the storm is on us. It’s everything I have just to try to keep the hammock in place. Winds jump up to a fevered pitch. Scary, but nothing you can do but hold on. Everything starts flying everywhere. I can barely hold anything down. I climb in and as quickly as I got in that when the rain fly came undone and the chaos erupted. I jumped out and gathered it. I pull the edges in and held on. Water is coming in from everywhere it seems. I’m getting wet. My sleeping bag is getting wet. It is all going down hill quick. This could turn into a bad situation for me.

My back up plan is to wait this out. Get the tent and some dry clothes and make something work.

100% chance of weather everyday. Today just not much of the happy kind for what I need. Probably why I wasn’t asked because it really doesn’t matter what I need. It’s going to do its thing 100% of the time regardless of me.

Got the tent up and some dry clothes. Shoved some food in my face and now I’m tucked away for round two of this rain.

The numbers for the day is an unofficial 30 miles completed. Tomorrow I should be able to land in Iowa and wish Minnesota farewell.

Minnesota it’s been real and it’s been fun but it hasn’t all been real fun!!!

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