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Day 28-July 1st, 2018

Always the weather and Pushing on to Iowa The storms last night got on the wild side. After getting soaked in my hammock I set up my tent and got dry clothes. Round two came.

Matt was completely lifted from the ground and moved by the wind. He had to scramble to get out and chase everything down. I thought my tent was going to break up with all the pressure being put on it.

Later at 1am I woke from a dream where I had floated on my air mattress down river in my tent and now was caught up in a tree. It was still raining and I could hear trees breaking and falling in the distance.

I never looked outside. By my assessment of the situation I was still dry and I could feel solid ground under the tent. Back to sleep I faded.

I woke up this morning and not really willing to move. My hands hurt. The last few mornings we have both experienced this pain and numbness in the fingers. After a month of paddling one would think that all these things would have presented during that first week.

I open the tent up and find that I was in the same spot I set the tent up on.

Not looking forward to packing everything up wet. But I just want to get to Iowa today.

We get a few miles down river and weather moves in on us again. We duck into a pavilion at a campground. Brief shower but the wind is coming up again. The frustration in me is starting to get the best of me. We reluctantly got back on the river.

The wind is blowing extremely hard. I push and push and finally made it to Lock 8. I searched and waited for Matt. I could not see him anywhere. He wanted to stop for the night at Genoa which is at Lock 8. I locked through. And found a beach. When arriving there Matt text me and confirmed that he was getting a room. I’m pushing on. Determined to get into Iowa. This is a mental milestone for me. I just have to get there.

I made the line and pressed on to find a campsite. I find one at mile marker 665 on an island. There were a few houseboats also on the island. I score a couple of beers, hamburger, hotdog and some chips. I thank them graciously and move on down a bit to set up my camp.

Got all of what I had to get out from last night so that it may dry. Started a fire and fixed some more to eat.

33 miles down today. Tired for sure! Getting ready to crawl in and get some sleep. I’m hopeful that Matt gets some rest and we get some good weather ahead of us. It would be nice if he catches up with me.

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