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Day 29-July 2, 2018

Day 29 - July 2nd 2018

For my 45th Birthday I woke up in Iowa!! Worked hard to get here. I’m hopeful that I am now well over the 1/3 complete mark of this journey.

Packed up and paddled away into another day on the river.

Matt messaged me last night that he was going to stay an additional day in Genoa. I wish him the best and it was great to get to know him. We both helped each other for the first third of this journey.

Met some nice people today that were interested in what I was doing. They gave me four bottles of cold water. Sucked those down pretty quickly.

Made it through Lock 9 and was going to stop at a boat ramp right after to rest a bit. Of course it was under water. The whole park!

Made it into Marquette, IA and stopped there. There was a Casey’s gas station so I hurried in and grabbed some drinks and food. Plus two slices of pizza. Sat in the shade and ate that. I’m close now to making the 40 mile mark. This has been a barrier that has been a hard one to beat.

Determined I paddled on to reach that goal. Clayton, IA made my 40 and I stopped there to refill my water bottles. Now I have to find a campsite. When it’s after six in the evening this can start to become stressful. The water is so high that all the Google maps that show a potential spot when you get there it’s under water or not enough useful space left.

Six miles down river I end up on one of the USACE sand dredge piles. I set up camp and get squared away. Then I climb to the top of said pile where I sit with a view writing this post for all of you. Life is rough on the river.

Don’t believe me? 12.5 hours of paddling yielded just over 46 miles. A pretty good day in the office. I’m seeing less wildlife though and more people life. The eagles still keep me company.

I said when I left that I wanted to restore my faith in humanity. My thought was that I would meet a lot of nice people along the way and that would restore my faith that plenty of good people still exist.

Well it came to me really by no surprise. It’s been in front of me the whole time. Funny thing is I knew it’s been in front of me the whole time. My faith in others starts within me. To be a difference maker I have to be the difference and not wait for someone else.

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