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Day 33-July 6, 2018

Day 33 - July 6th 2018

Woke up at 7:30 this morning. I’d like to say it was because I slept in but the truth is I didn’t sleep well. Took my meds late so it was after midnight before I fell asleep.

Temp dropped over night so this morning was near perfect. Water was smooth and wind to my back. That override my tiredness and aches. It was pleasant to say the least.

Soon I came up on Lock 14. A tow was already in the Lock southbound. I waited 40 minutes for my turn.

When the doors opened I was shocked at what I saw. 4-5ft swells coming from all directions. Current from the dam spillover with a back current from the Lock and that tow that just left churned up the water. The rollers would hit the long wall and come back at ya. I’m ready now to ride the mechanical bull

A little while later I was at Lock 15. I pulled past that same tow that was in 14. He had already had the Lock preparing for his arrival. He could have been courteous and let me through ahead of him like other tow captains have done for me. Not this one. I waited two hours on him here. Then to add more sting to that I passed him again on the river two hours later. Muttered words as I smiled and waived with my whole hand. Radio is faster than me so I don’t want negative words out about a guy in a kayak.

As I pull close to Buffalo, IA I see a Casey’s General Store. So I stop for provisions to fill my belly.

I push down another mile to a campground. All setup and going through some gear. Cleaning things up a bit and then I’m going to get a shower.

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