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Day 30-July 30, 2018

Day 30 - July 3rd 2018

So the guy that hooked me up with the beers just wanted to know my story and why I was on the river paddling. With my setup he was sure I was going the distance. He loved the story a said several times that this is one of those things that cannot be taken from you.

I completely understood his meaning. I went to sleep thinking about that though.

As a reflection what are the things in our lives that can’t be taken away? Do we live everyday with that in mind? I know I haven’t. But I know all of us have moments like that. Those moments that truly lend themselves to our identity.

I’m not going off the rails here into deep thoughtfulness. I’m just trying to make a valid point. I question what are those moments.

For me, it’s my kids first and foremost. Whether or not they are actively in my life or temporarily distant. There is no denying that they are my children.

Let’s not forget that a relationship with God is a choice and is something that cannot be taking away.

Spending countless hours with friends family and good people coming together. Doing things like turning wrenches on a race car or hiking, camping, fishing and hunting.

My service to my country! I’m very proud to claim the title of a United States Marine!

My education, I put in the time and effort to achieve. Cannot be taken.

My mission trip to India to install and service medical equipment in a Christian hospital in Machilipatnum. Awesome experience!

The list goes on with shining moments of triumph and victories. This journey will be another check mark. It has already been amazing.

These things always involve the people we love or personal labors of love. I bring this point up to remind us all of what’s important. Go after those things that can’t be taken away and make them yours. Don’t let your dreams sit idle. Make those dreams a reality that cannot be taken away.

I paddled all the way to Dubuque and got hung up at Lock 11. Dubuque is having an Air Show and the DNR has closed the Lock until 8:15pm. No camping here so I have to wait it out. I pulled up at 5:15 to learn this.

My campsite I was shooting for is one mile below this dam. Go figure that it’s closed due to flooding.

I pull into a Yacht Club and talk to a bunch of people. I’m desperately searching for a tent size patch of dry ground.

One couple tells me that just over a hill is where they park trailers for boats that are in the slips. That should work just fine. Now armed with a cold Pepsi and two dozen fresh baked oatmeal raisin cookies I pitch a tent in the dark.

The night sky is filled with Dubuque’s fireworks display for Independence Day. The show closes and I slide into my canvas tiny house and drift off to sleep.

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