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Day 31- July 4, 2018

Day 31 - July 4th 2018

Eyes wide open at 5:40am. Time to make a quick exit before I am discovered. I didn’t setup much so breaking camp was quick this morning. I was under way at 6:15am

Leaving Dubuque this early was rather peaceful. Water was calm and the breeze was very light but of course a headwind nonetheless.

As I pushed out of the marina a barge was in the channel and moving smoothly as well. One advantage of this high water is that they are under a no wake policy so they are not cranked up and pushing a big wake. So slipping into the edge of the channel behind him to pick up the current was easy.

Now as I look to my left I see the shore line of Illinois and on my right that of Iowa. Gone now are Minnesota and Wisconsin. Two of the ten I will travel through are behind me.

Right before Chestnut Mountain Resort where I can see the ski slopes and chair lifts rests several islands. One of which has a nice beach. It being the 4th of July many boaters are already lined up on it and have their parties going. I beach my boat as well for a beach lunch. I setup my chair in the shade and relaxed for an hour.

When I got to Lock 12 the Twilight a tourist boat passed me quickly to get in the Lock. Soon another boat passes and gets in the Lock too. I figured I’d be stuck waiting for a few minutes while they locked through. To my surprise the Lockmaster held the doors open for me to catch up and get in to lock through with this group. Awesome!!

I pull in behind the pleasure craft that had to men and a lady in it. One of the guys starts talking to me right away.

He says that he had seen me weeks ago while he was fishing on Cass Lake. That was day 5 of this journey. He asked about the other two I had been with. I told him that Joe was several days ahead of me and Matt was a couple behind me.

It was cool that we crossed paths again and that he had remembered seeing us.

I stopped in Bellevue for another break. The heat is getting miserable. I walked up the stairs and to a gas station. Grabbed some cold sports drinks and some food. Refilled my water supply then back on the water. Quick check of the maps and google I spot another dredge pile a few miles down.

I get there and find that its heavily occupied with holiday partying. I study the maps again. Not really wanting to wait everyone out I decide I can get a few more miles in before calling it a night. The next viable looking possibilities are some 12 plus miles. That would make for another late landing. I’ll keep my eyes open for first available spot I can find and make work. Now I’m looking at google searching for anything. I spot a boat ramp in Arnold. It doesn’t look like much on the screen but I have my fingers crossed.

I get there and check it out and it is perfect. I set up camp, fixed some dinner and call Carrie.

I notice some dark clouds heading my direction. Quick check of the truth finder the call the Weather Channel app and it doesn’t show anything. Few minutes later high winds, temp drop, and buckets of rain are descending from the sky. Thumbs up Weather Channel!!

That blows past and I take a quick dip to rinse the sweat, sunblock, and Deet solution that covers my body. Two of the three ingredients are sure to give some kind cancer in the future.

I don’t have totals for the day. With the evening rain and I’m tired. Just don’t need to know that bad tonight. I know it over 30 but doubt it’s edging 40.

Falling asleep as I try to type this out. Good night y’all.

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