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Day 32-July 5, 2018

Day 32 - July 5th 2018

Woodpeckers and passing trains, without the horns thankfully, were the sounds of the night and morning. The tracks are about 60-70 yards away. I’m known to be a heavy sleeper so not much of a problem. They would wake me when they passed but I’d fall right back to sleep no problem.

I packed up and got in the river quickly this morning. I have to meet with my box at the post office in Clinton, Iowa. I’m overdue again for my shot of Humira. I’m feeling it too. So no fooling around this morning I’m on a mission.

Waters were calm this morning and had a slight breeze to start with. The humidity is thick, something I don’t think anybody gets use too.

I pass through Savanna, IL and Sabula, IA. I see a car ferry actually running. I have not seen one in a very long time. As a kid I thought they were so cool. Got all kinds of excited when we got on one.

They also have a functioning railroad swing bridge. I got to see that in action as a barge ahead of me passed through. When I got there it was in the process of swinging back.

Up next is pool 13. Told it the largest pool and the most treacherous. Stories I was told a few days ago was that there are hundreds of personal boats at the bottom. I assured him that I wasn’t going out to add to the collection.

Crossing pool 13 was cake. Almost glass all the way across. Hot and sweaty praying for a breeze I got nothing.

I was once again passed by the Twilight again to day going the opposite direction. The captain sounded the horn and I could hear his muffled announcement of the source to sea paddler off of their left side. With a new crowd of happy faces smiling and waiving some yell out safe travels and good luck.

In the middle I came to a chain of islands that was a rookery for several different birds including white pelicans. It was cool to slide by them. I got some video of it on the GoPro.

That barge that was ahead of me was still sitting in the Lock when I arrived. I had to wait on him for about 30 minutes. Not a bad wait just bad timing. No place to get out of the sun and it’s noon. No wind so it was easy bake time.

Finally arrived in Clinton and I had pushed straight on through to get here. When it was time to get up and out I could barely move. The walk to the post office was uncomfortable.

I collected my box and gave myself the injection. Standing there in the air conditioned lobby of the post office I wanted to lay on the floor and take a nap.

I seen a Hardee’s as I had walked up so that was my next stop. Hot ham and cheese and a three piece chicken tender with fries and a large Powerade. I sat there and was actually cold before I left.

I walked back to the boat with my back and refilled drink. Found some shade and hung out there a bit before getting on the water.

No the hunt is on for camp. I set off and find a small beach with two boats on it almost immediately. They had three big dogs playing in the water and sand. The offered me some cold water and we talked a bit. Feeling like I could get some more miles in I pressed on in search of a few places I just learned about.

I would paddle another 13 miles before coming to a stop for the night.

Setup the hammock and ate some dinner. Took a bath in the river then climbed in for the night. An owl fired up with question after question. The all sounded the same. Who? He would ask and I would say “just me”. He finally was satisfied and stopped asking.

There are some Canadian geese hanging out by the boat. As I was laying here writing this something attacked them and drug one off through the woods. They were all raising some ruckus. I grabbed my headlight to try to see what it was but did not get a glimpse.

I hope to be able to push through the quad cities area tomorrow. There is a Campground on the other side that I’m hoping has showers and laundry.

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