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Day 34-July 7, 2018

Day 34 - July 7th 2018

Last night I was the talk of the campground. I met Scott a Marine that served in the late 80’s. He was so enamored with what I was doing that he now wants to do his own trip.

Scott told me about how he has wanted to hike the Appellation Trail for years but has never figured out how to get on it with work and life in the way.

I told him my story and how I came to the decision that this was now the time for me. You just have to come to a place in life where you know without a doubt this is the time and place and commit to it and don’t allow anything to get in the way.

He hooked me up with some beer and even brought me a Marine Veteran t-shirt. He spread the word of the “Badass” in campsite 3 who is paddling the entire Mississippi River.

Dan Young and his wife took me to breakfast this morning at a cafe in Buffalo. Really nice people!

I shoved off at ten this morning. My plan was not to go to far and take it easy. I did take it easy and didn’t really paddle hard. I passed through Locks 16 and 17 and ended with 38 miles for the day. I’m now officially over 900 complete.

My camp is set up about a mile upstream from New Boston, IL. Illinois Route 17 ends or begins I guess it all in how you look at it. The point is that if I had a car I could take that road for about 3.5 hours and I would be at my brothers house in Kankakee. My nieces are busy with softball tournaments.

My kids and a lot of good friends are there as well. Almost 30 years of my life spent there. It really was a decent place to spend my teen years and young adult life.

It is kind of strange being this close and not going there. That’s just not what I’m here for this time.

The wildlife has really diminished. I seen less than a dozen eagles today and that besides a beaver was it. More industry and barge traffic is on the rise. Seeing more people and boats. They just are not as fun to spot though.

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