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Day 35- July 8, 2018

Day 35 - July 8th 2018.

I woke up at 5am and debated. Do I get up and go. When it gets hot jump off and take a nap. The alternative I roll over and go back to sleep.

The Marine says get up and go. I’m in the water by 5:40am.

It was a bit chilly this morning but nice. Water was smooth. Within minutes I was past New Boston and cruising right along. Before 11am I already had 25 miles behind me. So forty seemed an easy possibility.

Looking at the maps I thought I should shoot for my first 50 mile day and stop at Fort Madison. With a few islands just beyond the bridge that looked good on the map I was set.

The islands were a bust and I was told the shoreline on the Iowa side was flooded worse than the Illinois side. Supposedly higher on the Illinois side.

That turned out to be a challenge too. I finally got to a roadside rest stop. Crossing my fingers on this one.

So my 40 turned 50 mile day ended at 61 miles complete. Not bad but it made for one Hangry cranky paddler. My body is hurting and I know I pushed to hard today. Partly by choice but not prepared for what was in store. No more Superhero moves for me.

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