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Day 36-July 9th, 2018

Day 36 - July 9th 2018

With the sun rising on my tent I break out for the day.

I typical Illinois fashion their Great River Road rest stop is grossly under maintained. Everything could use a touch up and clean up. After all this is a part of the tourism industry for Illinois. I don’t get it but it probably played into my favor. Under maintained probably equals under patrolled. Oh well, I digress.

Lock 19 in Keokuk, IA was impressive. I dropped 28 feet to meet the river again. Normally I was told it’s about 35 ft.

I actually stopped today to fix some lunch. While doing that I decided that I was pretty tired and it was plenty hot. I grabbed my hammock and took a nap in the shade. I felt pretty good after that.

Looking at the maps I decided that Canton, IA was going to be my ending spot for the day. There is a campground right after Lock 20 about 16 more miles.

I lucked out on my timing for Lock 20. Four barges were waiting to lock. This could mean 4-5 hours of wait time.

One was coming out northbound as I called the lock master. He let me slip in and get through.

For those behind me there is a nice sand bar on the right bank just before the lock that I was going to camp on if I couldn’t get through.

I got camp set up and actually got the boat out of the water and on the wheels so I could take everything out of it and wash it down. Went through and tightened hardware, cleaned and lubricated what needed attention. Gotta take care of the gear that is taken care of me.

Fixed up some grub and eating while I type this out. Soon I will be climbing in and turning in for the evening.

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