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Day 37, July 10, 2018

Day 37 - July 10th 2018

I faced a headwind all day yesterday and when it was time to get some sleep there wasn’t the slightest bit of breeze other than that caused by 10,000 mosquitoes humming just the other side of the screen door of my tent.

The humidity and the heat I lay in a puddle of my own sweat as I fall asleep. So worn out I really don’t care.

This is a very loud campground and kinda strange too. The barge traffic comes through about 60 yards on one side of ya. I didn’t think that would be an issue but it woke me up twice. One of those times I could actually hear the captain talking to his crew and the lock personnel.

The trains come blowing by about 50 yards the other direction and luckily there is a crossing that heads into Canton at the end of the campground that the engineers love laying on the horn for. First one startled me after I had just fallen to sleep. I think I cleared the air mattress.

Thirdly, with the lock and the river as my view it is also a tourist attraction of sorts. I’m guessing that the entertainment in town is to drive down and look at the high water and watch the river traffic. The road in the campground was like a parade route. More traffic all through the evening and night than I had seen in Minneapolis.

The only real plus was electricity, water, picnic table, and an almost level pad to pitch a tent on. At least I got to go through my gear and get things in order.

Went into town to get some junk food and sports drinks. Walked back with my cache enjoying some milk and a sausage egg and cheese biscuit.

Packed the boat up and got it back Into the water. Shoved off at 9am.

Another milestone I failed to mention yesterday is that Iowa is now behind me. Three states now I have paddled through. Another important one is that this morning after my first three miles I have now covered 1000 miles paddled in 37 days.

Pulled into Quincy, Illinois for some lunch. The Native Grill and Wings was across the street. Soaking wet in sweat I headed in. Had a couple of Summer Shandys and some wings with a chicken sandwich to go for later.

Back out in the heat and headed for Lock 21. Not many left to go through now. After 21 there are four left for me.

It’s 4:30pm and I’m in Hannibal now taking a break from the heat. The Mark Twain Hotel is in view from the park I’m sitting in.

6:30pm and I’m sitting at Lock 22. Barge in the Lock northbound and I’m told the wait is going to be an hour and a half.

I’m hoping that the boat ramp on the other end of this lock is camp worthy cause that’s about the only choice that I have.

Made it through the lock and found a spot just beyond the boat ramp. Fingers crossed I won’t get run off.

Total miles for the day is 42 and trip total is 1039. That blows me away and I’m the one putting in the effort.

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