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Day 38-July 11, 2018

Day 38 - July 11th 2018

Things I have learned on this journey;

Don’t close up bags thinking it’s packed until everything is packed

Have your tent bag at the ready to stuff and not be looking for it once you have the tent rolled perfectly to go into the bag. Better yet, don’t be using said bag as a knee pad while your feverishly searching for it knowing you just had it.

Look at the wind forecast when setting up the tent. A little breeze or no breeze could feel like a 15 degree difference once your inside.

All funny ness aside when I left this morning I noticed I had some water in my rear hatch. My boat is open all the way through. I bailed the water before I left and thought little of it. When the water is rough it’s not uncommon to have some in there.

About two hours later I notice that I’m listing a bit and I’m sitting lower in the water. I spot a boat ramp and pull up. Sure enough I have a lot of water. I bailed it out. Quick inspection of the hull and I don’t see anything obvious. I put it back in the water and keep peeking in to see how much and how fast it’s coming in. Nothing after half an hour.

I get back in and paddle on. Every now and then I can hear a gurgling noise. I try to pin point it. Finally I realize that if I lean right the gurgle noise happens.

The boat has a molding seam all the way around it just above the water line. I’m thinking that possibly it’s leaking on that somewhere on the right side.

I finally pull over to the boat ramp in Louisiana, MO. I unloaded everything and looked for a hole. Nothing!

I decided to set the boat up on the dock and proceed to fill it up with water. If it’s taking on water it won’t hold water either. So I filled it up.

Passerby’s we’re giving me all kinds of strange looks. I have method to my madness so I carry on. Adapt and overcome.

The water was actually coming out of the inside of my boat where my seat attaches. Apparently my seat has stressed and worn a hole into the deck of the boat.

Armed with this knowledge I now have to empty the boat. I have to bail over half of it out before I can roll it over.

While doing that I start thinking about how I’m going to fix this problem. I keep fighting the thought that this may be the end of this expedition. I come up with a plan.

One of my boxes is made of the same material as the boat. I carve a piece of the box and get my grill lighter out, thank goodness I bought that a week or more ago. So I melt the chunk into the area that is leaking. Then I figure out a way to keep the seat off that area as well and to spread my weight over a larger area so this doesn’t happen again.

Back on the water by 1:30. Praying that the repair holds. I check it a few times and it’s doing great.

Found me an island to sleep on. Set up my hammock and now going to fix some dinner then crawl into said hammock for some sleep.

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