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Day 39-July 12, 2018

Day 39 - July 12th 2018

It was close to six when the the sun reached my hammock to wake me up.

I gathered everything up and packed up. Grabbed some food for on the run. And shoved off fairly quickly after waking up. Nothing but miles in front of me today. Not much of anything interesting to see this morning.

After Lock 25 the scenery picked up a bit. On the map I could see that I was running parallel with the Illinois River. My dad and I fished that river every now and then. Even in the God awful early spring. Cold cold cold doesn’t begin to describe the boat ride.

Anyway I have a connection to that river and I’m looking forward to meeting it’s confluence with the Mississippi.

As I reach O’Fallen I’m completely out of water. I duck into the first Marina I come to and ask to fill my water bottles there.

The lady in the office give me two cold bottles of water and tells me to help myself to the faucet on the side of the building. She also offered me ice. That sounded so good but I knew it would be wasted so I turned it down. I sucked down one of those cold ones right away though.

I filled my bottles and returned to the boat and shoved off.

A few minutes later I see a guy waiving at me and taking pictures. I can tell he was excited to see me so I turned and headed back in his direction.

Chris Watkins was the guys name. He was happy that I stopped to talk to him. It was a great day for him. He was closing on a really nice place right on the bank of the river. Perched high above the water it looked like a great house to entertain in. I hope that he has years of happy summers coming his way. I loved it. Good luck Chris!!

Making to the confluence is going to be on the agenda for this evening. May decide to stop there for the night.

Flying fish! As the boats pass by me the fish are jumping mad high behind their wake. It’s crazy to see. I even had a few jump around me. One beside me and he was so high that I was looking up at it.

Made it to the Illinois River and I actually paddled the last two miles of it.

Now I have camp set up at the actual confluence on an island across from Grafton, IL.

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