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Day 41-July 14, 2018

Day 41 July 14th 2018

Zero Day - No River miles covered. Taking a few well deserved days off.

Friday morning was the first time it really hit me that I was starting to push past a bad place. I was really getting tired and depleted. It was difficult to work through that for about two hours. After that I was back in my groove. I just need to recognize that and know when to stop for a while so I don’t get there.

It may have been coupled with the fact that I knew after that day of paddling I was taking a few days off and I was letting that guard down or more than likely I was really starting to cross a line with what my body can sustain. I’m not 100% sure. I prefer not to use a hospital bed to find out where that line may be.

Staying with Muddy Mike last night was great. The stories were fantastic. Friday they took a group of 60 kids age groups from kindergarten through high school on a trip in these 30ft canoes.

These kids are from the Ferguson, MO area. That’s right the place where almost exactly four years ago protests broke out over the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

Wherever your opinions may lie that’s not mybpoint of bringing that incident up. My point was to highlight where these kids are from and the troubles that are on their doorstep.

Muddy Mike is trying to show these alternatives ways of expressing themselves by learning about themselves and creating critical thinking within themselves.

He told me of a kid yesterday that has a ride for a good school based on his academics. Mike scooped up a floating piece of garbage. A plastic ball that was partially filled with river water and asked the kid if he wanted a lesson in physics. Mike then threw the ball ahead of them and said to him that wanted to lift the ball with the paddle, pop the ball into the air and then use the paddle to hit it like a baseball. All while in several different planes of motion.

I’ve spent years in small craft with a motor and the affects of these planes are easier to overcome. In a kayak it takes a lot more attention to what’s going on. River paddling can be hard for some to get the hang of. There are three planes of travel I’m talking about to keep it simple.

First is your expected path of travel. Just A to B right? Hold on! Secondly the wind has a direction and speed that can change at any given moment and has to taken into account. Thirdly the river itself has a huge affect. Current speed and direction which also can change on you quickly. Eddy’s, back currents, boils, you name it. Underwater obstructions can change everything.

So picking a point and just paddling to it is a lot more difficult than one might think. Try this on one of the most powerful rivers in the world and the game completely changes.

Carrie is here and I’m glad to see her! We gathered my stuff up and headed for the hotel. Had a steak dinner at Texas Roadhouse. It was great to get into some air conditioning and nice bed.

So glad to take a proper break. Even though I have taken a couple, well actually one solid zero day and that was only because of weather and nothing like this stop.

Glad to be here!

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