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Day 42-July 15, 2018

Day 42 - July 15th 2018

Zero Day - No River miles covered. Taking a few well deserved days off.

It was great to sleep in this morning in a bed in air conditioning.

After getting up and getting around we had breakfast at Panera and then headed out for some shopping. First stop was REI to upgrade some gear. Lighter gear that performs better was top of the list.

A tent that is going to be better ventilated is a must. My tent is great but it’s a double walled tent which limits ventilation. It’s only going to get hotter from this point on.

My sleeping bag is out. It’s a cheap summer bag and it’s bulk is an issue. In is a new bag liner that is suppose to cool your body. We shall see. Technology is great! Lighter and cooler is everything at this point.

A new hat to keep my head cool and protect my ears is going to be great. I love my ball cap but if I don’t get these ears covered the doctors will be carving sections off later on down the road. The sun has made them crispy.

A rain jacket that is lighter and breathable was on the list and a Patagonia item fit the bill. A fraction of the weight as my Gortec and far more breathable.

Some water bladders to increase my capacity for the coming hotter days. Now I should be able to spread out my searches for water without fear of running out.

Then we shot over to Bass Pro to find a replacement Marine radio. Three times I really needed my Standard Horizon radio it failed on me.

Next to Bass Pro we found a Duluth Trading store. I am a big fan of their clothes and have ordered from their catalog for years. To go into one of their stores was a treat.

Just down from that is a 5.11 store. Another favorite of mine. We went into their and met Jonathon the owner. The store was open for its second day. I told him what I was doing and he blew me away by telling me that his mom just finished up this same trip.

This is the first random person I have met that was at least connected to someone who has done the same thing. This really is a small group of people that do this kind of thing. I got her name so I could look her up and see how her journey went.

As soon as I seen Joan Twillman’s Facebook page I remembered following her trip last year. She finished up this year. What a cool thing!

We had lunch at a BBQ place that has been featured on Pitmasters and Bobby Flays show. Sugarfire Smoke House. It was really good!

Then we went to the Route 66 Chain of Rocks Bridge. I paddled under this bridge on Friday. It’s a rather unique bridge due to its 22 degree bend in it over the river. The turn came about because of where solid bedrock footing was available during its construction. It’s a cool place. I just wish more attention would come to it. It’s one of those places that you can feel is being lost due to its lack of upkeep. Our history is literally fading away.

Some Mexican food for dinner and a stop at Menards and Target for some more supplies. Turned out to be a long day but still a good distraction.

With heavy eyes I’m falling asleep again in a bed in a room with air conditioning.

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