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Day 43- July 16, 2018

Day 43 - July 16th 2018

Zero Day - No River miles covered. Taking a few well deserved days off.

Today is my Daughters 24th Birthday. Happy Birthday Brittany!

Had a nice breakfast at The Egg and I. Enjoyed an eggs benedict. Took my river pants to the car wash to do a pre-soak and pressure was the stains out best I could before washing them.

The river here is not the cool clear stream that it started off as. It’s very muddy and dirty now. Mixed reports of how polluted it is as well.

Back at the hotel for a nap and finalizing some packing. I’m going to go pick up my boat from Muddy Mike this evening and finish up some repairs on it. Tomorrow I’ll be setting back into the water and making a run at the second half of this trip.

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