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Day 45-July 18, 2018

Day 45 - July 18th 2018

Covered 62 miles today. It’s flowing a lot faster and the heat and humidity was not bad today. Made for a good day. What headwind I did have helped keep me cool.

I was asked a question yesterday when I was launching if this was a dream or a mid-life crisis.

Is there really such a thing as a mid-life crisis or do we get to a point of dissatisfaction that we just change gears? Does it even have to be a point of dissatisfaction?

I’m asked if I am finding myself or what I’m looking for. The best one is “I hope that you find happiness”.

It’s hard to find answers when the questions won’t come. When I set out on this I knew spending this amount of time with myself I’m bound to get in my head and dig around.

The surprising thing is very little of that has happened. I spend to much of the day just soaking up the day before me. Living in the here and now.

I do however listen for the whispers of God in a world that only shouts. It’s hard to hear with all of mans distractions.

I have my hammock set up for the night on a rather small island. Maybe 4 acres worth. I’m watching a deer watch me. Perhaps it’s wants my Mac and cheese I am scarfing down.

I have covered just over a 100 miles in the two days since my break in St. Louis. I have approximately 860 miles to go. Doing the math with the numbers I have turned in I could be in the Gulf of Mexico in two to three weeks time.

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around that. Part of me sees the finish line. I’m pumped about that. I’m going to finish an epic goal that I will add to the bookshelf in my mind.

The other side of the coin is that it will come to an end. I’m so content in my mind with what I’m doing that it truly feels like home to me. My spirit has renewed and thrives out here.

I will never get to do this trip again. Sure I could go back to Itasca, Minnesota and set my boat back into the water but it’s not this trip. The water will be different. The weather will be different. The people I meet will be different. The miles and the camps will be different. It won’t be this trip.

I say this because we get into this every day we do things so similar to the last the all begin to lose the meaning of it all. The lose the present. Even the present seems to become routine.

This trip has routine built into it however, there is something truly spiritual in it. I’m thankful for every day of it and that’s why I think I fear the end of it.

So to find the answers to a mid-life crisis, or whatever it is I’m assumed to be looking for, or if this is the rainbow of happiness I need to figure out how to bring that into my everyday.

The only way I see to answer that is to bring a closer relationship to Jesus into my life.

Getting rich would be fun and it would buy time for me to do more things like this. All the love and support from family and friends is awesome to have and one would think how lucky I should be to have that. I am blessed with that and appreciate it. But the real true way of filling emptiness is with a relationship with Jesus.

Sorry Santa, you have been great but you haven’t been Jesus great.

Love you all and thanks for reading my thoughts for the day.

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