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Day 47, July 20, 2018

Day 47 July 20, 2018

The sunset pics are from the night before.

Gray skies this morning. I pack up and get in the boat. Check the radar and it warrants rain gear. I dig that out and have it at the ready.

I make it the mile down river to the I-57 bridge. Drifting under it I think about my travels on it in both directions.

A mile past the bridge I’m putting on that rain gear. It pours briefly and I continued on. No lightning so no worry.

Around the bend the Highway 60 bridge come into view then the last point of Illinois

I can now see Illinois, Missouri, and Kentucky. The confluence of the Ohio River is now on my left as I begging to turn to the Missouri side. Now Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois are behind me.

Now it’s Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana to go before reaching the Gulf of Mexico.

As I rounded the corner up high on the Kentucky banks is a huge cross. A beautiful reminder of why I am here.

The headwind was strong today. Even with current if I stopped paddling I went backwards, literally backwards. The heat played on me today as well so to get any kind of break I had to pull off and get out of the boat and find some shade. Jumped in for a swim three times today. That will likely become common practice.

The barge traffic has intensified. At one point I had seven moving past me both up and down at the same time. The river is 2/3 wider than yesterday’s river. It is difficult to keep the channel and the current slowed due to the width of the river even with the Ohio pushing in.

The carp are insane. The sheer numbers of them. They where all around me all day. Swimming right up to the boat or I was paddling over them. They spray me in the face several times.

I traveled a whopping 35 miles today. But that was meant to be. Now I sit among willow trees with the hammock pitched and rainfly up. I’m at mile marker 925 on the Lower Mississippi USACE maps. 621 miles to go before I turn off of the Mississippi and take the Atchafalaya to the Gulf.

I listen to the sound of thunder while I am under a tornado watch for the next 7 hours. Fortunately it looks like it’s all west of me and moving south away from me according to my new trusty app MyRadar. Far more reliable than weather channel app.

Raining like crazy now. This to shall pass.

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