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Day 48, July 21, 2018

Day 48 - July 21st 2018

Pushed off about ten till seven this morning. By 8:15am I had already been stopped twice to share my story with weekend fisherman. The hospitality has provided me with four bottles of water a CapriSun and a Coors Light. Had to drink that last cold even though it’s early it’s good carbs! I love my southern folk.

At about mile marker 909 I came up on a floating can. The closer I got to it I noticed it was moving upstream. Fish on! With no boats in site for hours and no other cans around I investigated. This sucker was on the move. I chased it down and when I would get close and bump into it, it would dive. 5-10 seconds it would pop up again. Finally I got a hold of it. I pulled up three foot of line and it would dig hard. Finally it pulled me so hard that water started coming over the side of my boat. Okay you win. I let it go. I wanted so bad to see what it was. By the time I got plan B together it was already 600 yards upstream. Oh well! I gave up and moved on. Man I wanted to see what was on the other end of that.

An hour later I drifted by two guys bow hunting carp. The had the motor on and down just enough to churn the water up with the prop. Carp jumping all around them. Looked like fun to me.

Early this morning a tower came into view. It really only looked like 6-7 miles away and that would be the case.

The river pinches down a piece of land that is approximately 1.5 miles across. The river then ox bows a little over 20 miles to come all the way around to the same point that is only 1.5 miles away.

So I spent over half my day to cover as the bird flies 1.5 miles. This polop of land is Kentucky although it does not touch Kentucky but is surrounded by Tennessee and Missouri. There is some history to that but I don’t recall all the details for this post.

Came up on a group beached in a pontoon. The offered cold beer and I obliged! These guys were hands down the best group I have run into this far. The even broke out the grill to fix me some dinner. These Missouri boys and one outcast Illinois guy that we don’t hold that against him are the down right crew of America to hang out with. Good people! The capped of my tough day of 50 miles with a perfect ending.

I apologize upfront to my church crowd but JR made me an honorary member of the Redneck Dickhead club! That’s a title worn with respect. LOL! Proud to be a part of it. I love my people and I love my country! You can’t take that away!

Using my new two pound tent that I upgraded to back in St. Louis at the REI. Hoping it works out great. A lot more ventilation than my double walled Scorpion tent. Love that tent though. Just not suited well for hot weather.

My conversation with the man upstairs will include the topic of biting insects. Really think we could have done without those. I’m think they were a lost hand with the devil. Can’t win them all I guess.

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