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Day 49, July 22, 2018

Day 49 - July 22nd 2018

Problem with sleeping right next to the water is the tows. First they are loud when the channel is just a hundred yards out. Secondly they love their million watt lights to see the tent setup on the bank. The sound I can almost sleep through. The brighter than the sun light in the face in the middle of the night, not so much.

Yesterday I forgot to mention that I put Kentucky behind me as well. Cross another one off. Today if I put 47 miles behind me I will cross into Arkansas and leave Missouri behind me. Knocking down one by one.

Right as you come up on Caruthersville there is a plant that builds barges. When the are complete the push them off the bank and they slide down hill to splash into the river. They had one up there but I guess it wasn’t sea worthy just yet.

Stopped for lunch today in Caruthersville, MO. I was walking into town and an older guy just out for a drive with his dog stopped to talk to me. Told him that I was just looking for a place to get a sandwich. He said jump in and I will give ya a ride. With it being Sunday not much is open is what he told me. I haven’t been in a place like this since I was young! Not much open on Sunday! Twilight Zone stuff here.

Anyway he took me to this gas station that also had a hot bar with catfish, pork chops, brisket, and fried chicken plus sides. So I got a to go plate of brisket, Mac n cheese with some fried okra. Couple bottles of lemonade and some other junk food fare for on the river.

I got a ride back to the boat where I sat in the shade and had a proper meal. Took a quick cat nap and got back on the water.

I paddled till 7 this evening and made it to mile marker 815. That is a 60 mile day and now I have six states behind me.

I have just shy of two weeks left of the Mississippi River then I will turn off onto the Atchafalaya to make my way to the Gulf.

I have completed 1479 miles. That’s just amazing.

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