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Day 50-July 23, 2018

Day 50 July 23rd 2018

Shutting down for the evening. I’m 42 miles from Memphis.

Today started off as usual. Only difference was I carried what gear I had to the boat in one trip. The problem being that when I got out of the boat last night I sank into mud over my calves. I wasn’t going to play that game multiple times.

I got down there and the same thing. Push the boat out a few feet and there is a sturdy sandy bottom.

I push off and it’s big time traffic this morning. To top that of within thirty minutes my sunshine disappears and was replaced with low gray menacing clouds. They finally gave me a rumble and I pulled off. Got the tent set up and watched the rain make its way to me.

The bright side is I slept through it for two hours. I awoke to the sun and feeling so much better than earlier. I took a river bath and started my day all over again. F

I still managed to throw down 44 miles today. It was rather uneventful. The water has been steadily dropping revealing more and more sandy beaches. Some are just beautiful to look at. They could rival some Caribbean I have been on. If you could get rid of the tows and grain towers and put some clear blue water in front of them and wall-a.

So today I had terrible cell service and with clouds overhead my phone wasn’t charging. My Bluetooth speaker is dead, can’t charge it either without the sun.

This gave me time to dig around in my head. That’s a place that can be as muddy as the banks of this river. It can also be as hard and unforgiving as the bluffs that lines some of the miles as this river. There are beautiful places like this beaches and that leaves those less desirable places where there is undisputed creepiness.

I kept thinking about love. I figure love can be described as they weather within us. It’s a constant. Although it’s always changing and everyone is always changing.

It will always be 100% weather. That is what Matt Briggs reminded of during the beginning of this trip.

I’ve had storms, hurricanes, tornados, and long winters in my life. I have collided with other people’s storms of the same magnitude or better than that of my own.

How does this relate to love? It all rides on emotion. Man or woman we share the same emotions. We vocalize them differently but we feel the same. When it rains it rains. When it’s cold it’s cold. When it’s hot well hopefully that’s more good than bad.

Our love is our weather within. They key is that you hold the key. You control your weather.

The past weather may still show its marks on your landscape but tomorrow’s sunrise is yours to hold. What is your forecast?

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