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Day 51-July 24, 2018

Day 51 - July 24th 2018

Tow ran aground on a sand bar last not less than a mile upstream. Quite the ordeal. Had four harbor boats out there pulling on him making all kinds of noise well into the evening. Looks like they released the stuck barges and backed him off. Then the small boats went to work on the stuck barges until the were freed. Put him all back together then the show was finally over.

Note to self. Set camp high enough and back far enough. This is why the only true safe place to be with these monsters is behind them and even then at a distance.

I’d still rather work around these guys than a weekend of pleasure boaters in the Minnesota cities. Those people scared me more than the barges.

This mornings routine was as usual. Pushed off and found good current right away. Paddled along the fall bluffs and enjoyed the colors and layers of glacial flow. Then a surprise came when I looked up at one point. An old abandoned home that was perched at the edge. Not much more erosion of this cliff and this one will come falling down into the depths and swept away.

It got quick today and it sucked motivation out of me. I found myself several times just drifting because I just didn’t have it in me to paddle hard or at all really.

I started thinking about my water and confirmed that I have plenty that if I wanted to stop and camp tonight before Memphis and just refill and resupply on my way through Wednesday I could do that.

Then I started thinking about a room where I could shower and wash up some clothes. Sleep in a bed for a night and just relax a bit. Then the idea of a good cheeseburger jumped into my head and the deal was sealed.

Now I had my motivation to get to Memphis. I started paddling and sweating to get my cheeseburger.

I finally rounded a bend and buildings appeared. The pyramid came into view. That put some excitement into the day.

I slowed up my final approach to the I-40 bridge. A tow was overtaken me and I did not want to be under the bridge with him.

He passed me and did exactly what I thought he needed to do. And that was to cut right as he went under the bridge to get setup for the railroad bridge and I-55 bridge.

That would have been a very uncomfortable and nerve racking situation for both of us. Possibly really bad for me.

Like many things in life you should be thinking several moves ahead to protect where you are currently at.

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