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Day 52-July 25. 2018

Day 52 - July 25th 2018

Enjoyed my sorta night off. I cleaned my water bottles and filled them. Was planning on washing my clothes but this DoubleTree does not have a laundry room!!! Was not happy about that one.

I enjoyed my cheeseburger and other fixins. Loved the shower and a comfortable bed with several pillows. Watched parts of two movies I couldn’t even tell you the names of.

This morning I stuffed myself on made to order omlette and the whole breakfast buffet.

Caught an Uber ride back over to the Marina. So much nicer than a dirty taxi that makes you feel well I’m not sure how to nicely describe it. Anyway an Uber ride is more like a friend picking you up. It just works well.

Got back to the boat and bought a few cold drinks from the Marina store and set sail. Well more like paddle in motion.

Soon I was back in the channel and moving under the railroad and I-55 bridges.

It was difficult to keep the current today. The buoys even stood still with little sign of any current. It felt like everything stood still today as I pushed through on my way to the Gulf.

I took a swim at one this afternoon. Found a sand bar where the water dropped off sharply. The surface layer of water was rather warm but about two feet down it was cool and refreshing. So I enjoyed that and it helped a lot with comfort and mental outlook on the day.

Several long bends and many long stretches of river I finally round a corner and see a tall building probably five miles off. It’s casinos near Tunica, MS.

I had planned to paddle till seven this evening but a tail end of an island came up around 6:15pm and it was so perfect that I thought if I don’t land there I may regret not doing so. I’ve had so many of those evenings.

So I’m in my spot. The hammock is set and I’m going to fix some dinner as the sun sets and this owl talks my ear off.

I absolutely love it out here.

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