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Day 53- July 26, 2018

Day 53 - July 26th 2018

Found a boat way up on a sand bar this morning just a mile down from where I stayed. The most unusual thing about it was that it was registered in Texas. Last sticker though was 2006. It’s always a mystery when you happen across thing like this. Questions keep forming. It’s been picked over a bunch of times. Like it has been sitting in a boneyard.

Nine by nine. That is 9 barges by 9am. Rough water start this morning. Busy busy river this morning.

It got hot pretty quick today. Makes for a long day. More breaks and more swimming equals less miles paddled.

Texting with my dad today I realized something. First I love being out here. The trigger was I said that one of the things I have learned on this journey is just how little we actually need to live a good life.

It’s not really complicated. We make it into this great big thing and call it the American dream. Your supposed to have one. For most of us it equals insane debt.

I would encourage anyone that can to do something like this. Go on a long distance hike or a bicycle ride. Go across a state or something that last several days. A month or more is even better. You will learn amazing things about yourself.

You will learn how to really strip things down that you don’t need and find that a lot of what you need is provided for you.

The other day when I used my tent the sand was wet and stuck to my tarp. Could not shake it off. I thought man I need a brush. Then thinking about what I needed to do to clean this up I realize that I’m surrounded by young willow trees. I pull my knife out and cut a hand full of small branches and boom! I have a broom.

Hanging my clothes on a rope I just draped the over. That didn’t work because the wind blew them off. Again I cut a green branch and cut 5 inch sections. Started to split one end and there I have a clothes pin.

We are so stuck in thinking I have to go to the store for everything.

I’m not saying we all back to being pioneers. I’m just making a point that you would be surprised at how little you really need. It changes perspective.

Set up the tent for the night because it’s suppose rain. If I’m going to be hunkered down it’s nice to be able to have a little room to sit up or move around. The hammock is awesome for sleeping in but not so much for just hanging out in. LOL!

The cabin cruiser pic is of a guy that stopped to make sure that I was good on supplies. He gave me six bottles of water and offered so much more but I was thankful just for the water.

The tow boat page is for the captain of that vessel today. He was the first tow captain to step off the bridge and wave to me. That was cool to see. Made me feel good after the hundreds I have passed.

Full moon tonight so I have a good fire going to fend off the werewolves or as I was told as a kid Wolf-orilla. A creature that was half wolf and half gorilla. I’m sure that offends someone today but it was what nightmares were made of some 40 years ago.

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