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Day 54- July 27, 2018

Day 54 - July 27th 2018

Rain finally came at 3:30am. It had been a still and balmy 81 degrees with 93% humidity all night. So I probably lost as much fluid sleeping as I did all day paddling.

The mosquitos in the evening are like wearing a blanket made of cockaburrs right after scouring your body with steel wool and taking a bath in isopropyl alcohol. My favorite part is the fifteen to twenty that insists on flying into your ears simultaneously. This makes you clinically insane and you want to slap both sides of your head at the same time which then creates a shock wave that through your gourd and collapses your gray matter.

This is probably why nobody is concerned about the alligators when they get down to their house. They are like, "look if you want Lyme's, with some West Nile and Malaria mixed in then go ahead and eat me. It’s your body that you’re hurting. I’m just pointing out the label of what this meat may contain. "

Still pinned down this morning with storms. Taking advantage and getting some napping in.

10am I made a break for it. Was on the water by 10:20.

Came up on the USACE doing some revetment work. They had a barracks barge there as well as all the heavy equipment needed. Pretty cool seeing it all in action. Man against nature! It will work for a while. Eventually nature will win.

Pretty much overcast most of the day. Little wind and humidity cranked up so it was a sticky day. Probably what I will have for the duration now. One of the few pluses I’ll give to the north. Summers are pleasant.

Jeff Larson was in the headwaters until this evening. He told me it was 53 degrees where he was at.

Barge traffic seem to continue to build. They seem to bunch up a lot down here. I can go an hour or two and the water is just perfect. Then here comes 4-6 all at once from both directions. So that’s at least and hour of angry river bouncing in all directions.

That feeling follows me into my sleep. I feel like I’m constantly moving.

Short day yielded 38 miles. I’m near marker 601. So I have about 63 miles to Greenville. If I pulled off a monster day tomorrow I could be there in the evening.

More than likely I will pull another 40-50 mile day and plan a resupply and lunch on Sunday.

Then it’s another 100 miles to Vicksburg. I’m thinking Vicksburg will be Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.

The whole thing will come winding down in 10-12 days it’s looking like.

10 days deep I was in Grand Rapids, MN camping at the Library. It had been an adventure at that point.

I keep looking over my shoulder for a yellow canoe closing in on me. Ryan Kim and his dad started a week after I did and have been not far behind me this whole time. We have been following each other’s journey. It’s fun to read his comments about things I had seen just a few days ago. They are sure to catch me before the Atchafalaya.

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