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Day 55- July 28, 2018

Day 55 - July 28th 2018

Set the alarm for early this morning but I kept hitting snooze until I normally get up. I don’t know if that even qualifies for an “E” for effort. The sign of no light in the sky and the rumble of a tow nearby just makes ya roll over and say to yourself “not just yet".

Problem with that is by the time I am up and packed up the sun already has a head start on me. That’s at least an hour or more that I could have had light enough to pound some miles out while it’s still cool.

I know that I have to listen to my body and get the needed rest but, my body doesn’t like those 12:30-4pm stretches either. When it’s so hot that the catfish float to the surface fried and ready to eat, you know it’s hot.

Got in a measly 28 miles in today before a storm ran up on me. I had been paddling in the rain for about two hours. The winds picked up then really grew and the temperature dropped dramatically. The clouds got low, fast and black. With the first rumble I put it in gear for the right bank.

I grabbed my tarp in case I ran out of time. Grabbed the hammock and some other things. Secured the boat and set up shelter.

Once inside the storm was blowing up hard all around me. I got comfortable once I knew I was going to remain dry. I took a three hour nap. Now that felt good.

After I woke up it was still lightly raining but the radar showed it clearing off for at least a hour or two. By this time it’s 5:30pm. So I debate getting another 10 miles before having to setup again or just stay put.

I voted for staying put. With all votes counted it was unanimous. Just relaxing and cooking some dinner won.

Getting ready to shut my eyes again. I’m going to try the early start again. Maybe this time I will be rested enough to actually get moving. Greenville has an RV campground on the river. It’s 35 miles from where I am. I’m thinking that will be my resupply point for water. If it’s easily accessible I may stay.

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