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Day 56-July 29, 2018

Day 56 - July 29th 2018

Heard coyotes calling before I went to sleep. Then soon as I had drifted off an unfamiliar sound woke me up. The low growling sound of a cat. A big cat. I waited for a bit and sure enough I heard it again. Pucker factor to 100. Sphincter so tight it won’t be in service for days.

I turned on my headlight. Made a bunch of I’m bigger than you noises. Played it some Metallica and then it seemed to have gone away.

If I had Taylor Hicks in my playlist it might have swam over to Mississippi side. Never thought of that as a defensive weapon.

Armed with a headlight, K-Bar, and some pepper spray I finally settle back in to slumber with one eye open.

I’ve seen evidence of them for days but I did not seriously think I would have an encounter.

On a sandbar yesterday morning I seen the track of a good size snake as well. Just one more thing I don’t like.

This feline did not give up easy. It came back several times. We played a game of who was going to be more dominant. It would make its deep throaty sound to let me know it didn’t like me here. And I would make noise in rejection to what it had to say. I seen it’s eyes a few times when I would shine my headlamp out. Couldn’t get a good look at it though.

My parents can attest to my abilities in defiance. I can be more stubborn than this cat. I just didn’t want this to become a physical thing. That’s what bothered me. I don’t have any rice to make a meal out of this thing.

So I made it through the night and left when I was ready to leave. No sign of said cat nor did it come into my immediate camp as far as I could see.

Paddled on to Greenville. The campground that I had scoped out on Google was a disaster. The water I got from there was yellow. Did not feel good about that. Maybe it’s from Flint, MI.

I pressed on disappointed but was able to get 61 miles behind me. I’m 4 miles from Louisiana. That feels good!

I stopped at a sandbar where a couple of boats were pulled up and made some new friends. Told them my story and in trade got a few ice cold beers and they didn’t like my water so they replaced that as well. Good, good people.

I have 73 miles to Vicksburg where I plan to get a resupply. Carrie is meeting there Tuesday and bringing my Humira injection. I’m feeling it and ready for it.

My plan for tomorrow is to not have an alarm but still shoot for at least 45 miles. That will leave me 28 miles to cover Tuesday. Hopefully Mother Nature doesn’t have other plans for me.

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