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Day 57-July 30, 2018

Day 57 - July 30th 2018

Another down. Completed 58 miles today. I’m sitting 17 miles away from Vicksburg. My hope is that the weather cooperates enough tomorrow that I can make it into town. If not then I will have to find a boat ramp to get to so that I can wait on a ride.

I listened to cows and tow boats last night. The cows were just across the river.

Paddling today was mostly uneventful. I did get to see the USACE at work laying concrete tiles. Quite the operation going on there. I stayed out of the way and tried to hang out and drift so I could watch what was going on.

Seen several deer today which was nice. Followed a raccoon along the edge of the water for a few minutes. He never realized I was there.

Met some nice people this evening fishing from a sandbar. They had recently caught a 60lb catfish in this area. Seen a picture of it. That was a big catfish.

I ended today late. Tried to get as far as I could. Thunderstorms tonight and into tomorrow predicted. So I have my tent up tonight on a sandbar. Not the most ideal but the best I could find for the time I had remaining. My company this evening are Canadian Geese.

Gotta be short. Overcast day didn’t allow me to charge my phone much today.

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