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Day 58- July 31, 2018

Day 58 - July 31st 2018

Got up early this morning and got on the water quickly. The threat of thunderstorms was near. Figured I’d try to knock down the twenty miles to Vicksburg before it gets bad.

Soon as I got on the water I am accompanied with six tows. So the water is difficult the whole first two hours of making a go at it. Who needs coffee. Just get in a kayak and have a rodeo first thing in the morning.

On top of that the rain starts coming down. Not a totally terrible thing though. The temps are low so the ride is actually comfortable.

Pulled off the Mississippi and pushed up the Yazoo for a bit to get to the boat ramp in Vicksburg. There I caught up with the America. She must have passed me in the night at some point. Last time I seen her was on July 21st in New Madrid and at that time she was moving north to St. Louis.

This time she was on the way to New Orleans. So there may be an opportunity to see the America once more.

I went over and talked to some of the crew. They do New Orleans to St. Louis in 10 days. Just a little bit quicker than what I have been doing.

Sat on a bench out of the rain while I waited for Carrie. Had some fun conversation with a few passerby’s.

Doug Warner showed up to do a follow up interview with me now that I am almost to the finish line. That was fun and I’m glad to finally meet with him.

Carrie arrived before Doug finished up so she got to be a part of that as well.

Got checked into the hotel and hit the shower straight away. Being clean in clean clothes is really a good feeling. I won’t deny that.

Had some dinner served on a plate and an ICE tea at the Cracker Barrel.

Stopped at a Walgreens to pick up a few things and I got a pint of Blue Bell. Can I get an Amen?!?!

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