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Day 59-August 1, 2018

Day 59 August 1st 2018

I have now entered my third calendar month of this trip. Eight states behind me now. Three family size cans of sunscreen gone. That’s only half of what you need really. Only one side of me gets sun. Four bottles of 100% deet. I don’t know how many single serves of spam have coursed through my body and I really don’t care to know. 52 nights of actual camping either in my tent or hammock. This list could go on and on.

I spent the night in Vicksburg with Carrie. I wish I could have stayed a little longer but I’m so close to being done and I will be home soon.

I met with Doug Warner also yesterday from KSLA news channel 12. That update should air this Tuesday. If you catch it online please send some feedback that you enjoyed it.

Made to the boat launch around 11:30am and got everything loaded up and ready to go. I believe I have 8-9 days left so I packed for 12. I lightened my load once more sending home more stuff from the boat. I’m running as lean now as I can in hopes of picking up any speed I can find.

I’m figuring that I will lose some of my river current speed once I get on to the Atchafalaya. Getting to that point though I’m taking advantage of what I can.

I paddled 36 miles today even with a late start and my average speed was just shy of 6 mph. That’s still considered slowing down my life. Carrie drive clear across the state in just shy of three hours. I went 18 miles in that same time period. Slow enough for me.

I’m in the hammock tonight and I have a decent breeze so it’s really pretty nice. Weather was good to me today and is supposed to be tomorrow as well. I’m going to try to hit it as soon as the sky lights up and paddle hard all day till the sun is about to set. Gotta take it while I can with this weather. Friday is supposedly going to start heating back up to miserable and the humidity will creep back in to make the swamp the place to be!!

If I can crush it tomorrow I will be on the Atchafalaya Friday. I’m still feeling mixed about it ending but I’m warming up to be being done for this trip. I am ready to close the final chapter on this one however I’m fueled now with knowledge that I didn’t have before and I’m looking forward to traveling down some smaller rivers for a while before I come back to visit the Mississippi. She is forever in my veins now.

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