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Day 60- August 2, 2018

Day 60 - August 2nd 2018

I paddled hard today. It was still hot but it was supposedly a cooler day than what is in store for the next several. So I made the most of it.

Covered 62 miles in 12 hours. So now I have 34 miles tomorrow before I make my turn off of the Mississippi and Lock through the Old Lower River. Six miles later I meet the Red River and the Atchafalaya. Turning left will take me to the Gulf.

I passed through Natchez today. Looked like a cool place to possibly visit later on. My mission right now is to finish.

Camp is set. Tent tonight because I’m on a sand bar. I have a driftwood fire going and I’m consuming my cup of corn chowder with chicken.

Rain clouds are forming over Mississippi. I’m hoping that they stay that side of the river.

Today I passed my first ocean going vessel. It was heading upstream. I could not make out the name of the ship nor what its purpose is. It was cool to see though.

I think the gravity of this trip and what it has meant to me is catching up. I felt very emotional about it today as I was thinking about turning off of the Mississippi. Sixty days ago I stood in shin high water next to a clean boat that was overloaded with gear embarking on an adventure of a lifetime. Now I’m sitting next to the same boat that shows sixty days and 2000 miles of wear. It has slimmed down as have I.

I’m so thankful that I have had this opportunity to live and realize a dream. My praise goes up to my God who brought me to this and through. He will pave the way for you when you get out of your own way.

I think I caused my way to be paved with cobblestone covered in ice and had to walk it barefoot uphill all the way while carrying a load that I thought I needed. That’s life when you drive continuously in the free will lane with your blinker on.

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