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Day 62, August 4, 2018

Day 62 - August 4th 2018

Woke up at 7am this morning. Everything is wet so I’m in no hurry. The sun is breaking so I want it to dry the tent before I put it away.

The air is thick and not moving yet this morning. I’m hopeful that will change.

Finally shoved off at nine. I have about 3-4 miles to the Atchafalaya. The water in the Lower Old River is like the air. The is no current. It’s a slow paddle to get to the three river junction taking me a full hour and a half to reach.

I see my first gator of the day up on the bank. Once he realized I was coming he got up and pushed himself into the water. It reminds me of being a kid and seeing them on the Trinity River in Texas.

I reach the junction and look at my choices. Turning right would take me home. Turning left will deliver me to my goal. Goal it is!

The headwind is crazy. It reminds me of the lake crossing in the headwaters of the Mississippi. It doesn’t let up all day. It’s a tough ride and it hits you hard in the gut when you know just yesterday the current was good and progressing down the river was still work but the rewards were high.

At one point I wondered if I had made the right decision turning onto the Atchafalaya. Never answer those questions in the middle of the angst you’re facing. It’s hard to know when to double down or when to back out.

What I do know is you’re sealing the deal when you answer those negative questions when you’re in the midst of the difficult situation.

Instead I started thinking of how far I have come. It didn’t get any easier but when you think of pushing through 150 miles when you have already done over 2000 it puts perspective on the discomfort.

I did 30 miles today. Not a huge number compared to the previous weeks but I’m also winding this down. Landing a plane can be difficult and the pilot surely does not try it at the speed of which the majority of the trip was done at. So I guess my landing gear is coming down.

Even at 30 miles a day I will land at Burns point possibly Wednesday. Realistically probably Thursday or Friday but we shall see.

Six gators total for the day. One looked like he could have been a 10 footer. The rest were 3-8 feet.

The sun came out just in time to heat up my tent.

Going to fix my dinner and turn in for the night.

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