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Day 63-August 5, 2015

Day 63 - August 5th 2018

Did not make it as far today as I would have liked. Once again ran off the river by late afternoon thunderstorms. So 28 miles total for the day.

Looking over the maps I only have just shy of 80 miles to complete. If weather cooperates I’m planning to pull out at the finish line Wednesday afternoon.

Stopped at Krotz Springs today hopeful to get some lunch. My plan fell apart. The closest store on google maps turned out not to be there. The next closest was .7 miles away. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving my boat for that long and it was the hottest part of the day as well. Defeated I went back to the boat and paddled onwards.

Down river a few miles there was an RV park on the right bank. I stopped there hopping for a camp store. There was one but it was closed?! Scratching my head on that one. It’s Sunday but this seemed to be a long term kinda place. Plenty of trailers but not a soul around.

I helped myself to a water faucet and filled my bottles. Now I have enough water to make it to the Gulf of Mexico.

Didn’t see any gators today but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t see me. Come to think of it I didn’t see any four legged land creatures either. Just a few turtles and that’s about it other than birds. The vultures are plentiful down here and they like to congregate in groups of a dozen or so.

Just had my dinner. Mac and cheese with fried spam touched up with some salt and pepper and then perfectly finished with some hot sauce. Only the finest served on this kind of river trip.

Last couple of weeks I have had time to come to terms with this trip ending. Now I’m ready to reach the finish line. I’m beginning to feel tired mentally and physically. More than likely it’s because I know I’m just about there.

Marine Corps boot camp was probably the last mentally and physically challenge that would compare to what closing in on now.

It feels good to have taken on such a challenge and walk it through. The body is an amazing thing. God thought of everything in its design. It will carry you so much further than your mind wants to allow.

The older you get the wiser you become about pushing it but when your young unlocking the mind is the hard part. When your older keeping the body going can be tricky. I feel now I have been at both ends of that, the young and the older.

The drive is always there.

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