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Day 64-August 6, 2018

Day 64 - August 6th 2018

Got an early start this morning. Gators were thick today. Seen two dead ones. The live ones were plenty big. I gave them plenty space. I don’t want to tangle with one because then I would have to learn how to make boots and Carrie a purse. No time for that.

I came up on a drilling crew today. Two invited me over for cold water. Not going to turn that down. Then I was asked at least a dozen times by others if I was a protester. That caught me off guard at first. Then I was told they had been harassed by people in kayaks and canoes protesting them doing their jobs. These are just hardworking guys doing their job people. If you want to take up your save the world campaign go to the source. The suits are where the decisions are made. These guys are in the field doing a job that has already been signed and approved. You already lost your game. These guys out here are making a living and taking care of their families. You should respect that. I certainly do.

Afternoon rains came early today. I was with these guys as it came through. They offered me shelter on their boats. After the first couple of passes of rain radar looked like the worst of it was over. I decided to press on.

This evening finding a camp spot was very difficult. I finally found a piece of sand just large enough to get my tarp on and tent up. Not ideal at all. I just pray it keeps me safe for the night.

One more night to go after tonight! I’m already thinking about the tub on Wednesday night and my bed. Being home with Carrie and my dogs in four walls will be strangely fantastic.

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