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Day 7 - June 10th 2018

2am a happy beaver just outside my tent wants to play games. Slapping the water over and over again and again. In my frustration with this beaver I realize there is no wind. Opportunity!

I break camp and load up the kayak and shove off. Turned the SPOT on to start tracking with nav lights on and depth finder/GPS I venture out into the darkness with a compass heading of the point I need to round to get to the dam where Joe and Matt are.

3am I’m paddling in a calm moonless night. Within 30 min the wind realized I was on the water and introduced itself. Soon I was on rollers like Cass Lake threw at me. Needless to say God spoke and I listened. I was blown off course and it took some time to correct and get my bearing back.

9am I was at the dam. 270 yard portage. A rocky wet grass slope awaited me. I walked it first to scout it out. Once up on the road I seen Joe and flagged him down. As I returned to my boat that wet grass violently threw my feet out from under me and I rode on my ass down the hill. I wouldn’t mention that to the others till later on in the trip when I could laugh about it.

Thankfully Matt came over and helped me up to the road. Then I had problems with my portage wheels.

Suck factor was at ten. Got it all back together and slogged on. We ended the day at Gamblers Point campsite. It was a decent spot. Got the tent up, then ate some dinner. Laid down and I was out.

14.5 hours of paddling with a portage and covered 32 miles. I was beyond tired.

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