• spuffer

Day 9 - June 12th

Had a really good day today! Breakfast was great and we set off at 8am.

it was a beautiful cool overcast morning with no WIND! Paddling was smooth and up to a 4mph pace.

I stopped to to stretch and nibble after hour two. Then lunch rolled around and we had double cheeseburgers from A&W. Then the munchies went into overdrive then I had a good dinner too. Metabolism must be kicking in strong now.

We we made it to the dam in Grand Rapids and took the portage through town with Jeff our River Angel. He was kind enough to stop and let us get some shopping done as well.

We we set camp up on the lawn at the library and looked over the maps to get the numbers for the day. 24 miles and we all felt pretty good.

Rick Barta came by to visit with us. He is a great guy! I met him through fb and he happened to travel into my area often when I lived in Illinois. He brought me maps of the river and other info when I was in my planning stages.

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