• spuffer

Day eight - June 11th 2018

Left Gamblers point in a hurry. When I woke up the entire tent was covered in a battalion of mosquitos ready to wage full scale war.

We decided today was going to be light. I had a cache of stuff waiting on me at a River Angels place 11 miles downstream. With a storm closing in on us and of course a headwind we paddled hard to get there. The river is getting bigger. We laid down 11 miles in 3.5 hours.

Sandy and Jeff’s place is really nice. I had asked if we could just pitch a tent in their yard but they allowed us to sleep in their pop up camper.

They fed us a great dinner and shared some good stories and important info on things to come for us. Sandy asked what time we planned to get up. She wants to send us off with a blueberry pancake breakfast in our stomach. I don’t know if anybody would refuse that.

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